Custom Integrated Calculator for Shopify

Custom Integrated Calculator for Shopify
Here , I would like to share recent experience developing an custom calculator on Shopify. As many clients have been reaching to me developing the custom feature to provide there frontend uses to easily calculate the count of tiles been need based on entering the area in Square-meter (Sq. mtr) or Square-foot (Sq. ft.) So customer enters the length and width (i.e Meter, Foot ) ONLY and calculates the total count using the price entered for per Sqm., Sqft for Tiles, Carpet, Wallpapers Etc..

API Integration with QuickBase

First, a basic HTML file, which prompts the user for input, max 20 characters, no spaces. Very small css file for formatting. The input is passed to an XML file, which goes to a QuickBase app and pulls data from a field in a table. It contains login information, the database id, table ID & field list That information (field contents) needs to come back to the HTML file as a link for the user to click on.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

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